Local outreach

GranAurora members are often asked, “Why do you fundraise for an overseas group when here at home we have so many needs?” It’s an honest question and requires an honest answer.

Here, in Canada, we have a social network, OHIP, unemployment and disabilities provisions. We have laws to protect children and seniors. Many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have few, if any of these provisions. A number of our members have visited some of these countries and have seen the challenging needs. Our funds provide needed finances for grassroots projects such as cooperatives that allow women to provide for their orphaned grandchildren. These cooperatives thrive and the women can then make it on their own.

Funds also allow women to gather to discuss laws and the need to make changes. Their networks spread far and wide and their lobbying ends in results that provide safety nets needed to protect them.

All that being said, our members individually support local needs in the community such as food banks, heart and stroke, cancer, autism, Alzheimer societies, and many more. The need here is great.

Therefore, as a group, we have decided to contribute to LOFT, Crosslinks Street Outreach and Services Network that is a comprehensive and coordinated network of services for York Region. (http://www.loftcs.org/programs/supports-for-adults/crosslinks-housing-and-support-services/)

LOFT provides a mobile unit that drives around York Region every day from 2 pm to 9 pm. The mobile unit uses a harm reduction model. Services include support with mental health and addiction, crisis intervention and prevention, help finding health care, and much more. Staff on the van include mental health and outreach workers, nurse, substance abuse outreach, Youth outreach worker, Community HIV Engagement, and Coordinator.

GranAurora will bring food and/or clothing to each meeting that will be given to LOFT mobile unit. We believe in local responsibility and will offer this support while maintaining our primary focus on our global responsibility.

LOFT: 510 Penrose St. Newmarket, ON
Coordinator: Chandra Newman (905) 853-3400 ext. 24

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