Did you know?

Our money goes a long way in sub-Saharan Africa

  • $10 provides a uniform so that a child may attend school for a year
  • $20 provides supplies for home-based care visits in South Africa. Home-based care provides HIV+ clients with basic nursing care in their home
  • $30 provides monthly food baskets to support orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya
  • $35 provides a mattress and bedding for an orphan in the care of their grandmother in Uganda
  • $45 will pay for food garden seedlings that will produce vegetables for 6 months for a family of 4 in South Africa
  • $55 provides an orphan with the opportunity to attend school. It covers fees and scholastic supplies for one year at the elementary or secondary level in Uganda
  • $80 provides a micro-credit loan to a grandmother in East Africa so she can start her own sustainable business
  • $90 provides a grandmother’s home with water harvesting jars thus providing the family with safe drinking water in Uganda
  • $90 provides a bicycle in Malawi. Bicycles can provide women with a means to bring vegetables and other wares to the market so that they can earn a modest income
  • $210 provides a group of grandmothers in Zambia with packages of seeds that will enable them to grow a variety of vegetables for a community garden
  • $340 gives an AIDS orphan in Kenya the chance to go to high school for a full year

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