The Story of Women

The following poem was found in the document “A Report of the African Women’s Economic Policy Network (” on the The Development Gap website.

 The Story of Women

The story of women and economic justice
is a story of death

A story about endless agonies
A story about managing the unmanageable
A story about endless work and toil
A story of sleepless nights

A story about destitution, squalor and neglect
A story of hearing policies
that determine our lives but never being
there to participate

a story of the voiceless and powerless
a story of trials and temptations
a story of lost personalities and dignity
a story of survival behind the battle fronts
as women and children flee bomb raids

A story of structural, emotional, and physical violence
A story of struggle and humiliation
A story of dreams and hopes unfulfilled
A story of hope

A story of combat and resistance
A story of withdrawal from structures of exploitation
A story of innovation and creativity
A story of breaking new frontiers for survival

A story of heroic people marching to
the future with new alternatives for
the survival of the human race

By Agnes Chepkwony Abuom,
Kenyan Poet


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