Seeking justice at the frontlines of the AIDS crisis

Documentary – African Grandmothers Tribunal: Seeking justice at the frontlines of the AIDS crisis

This moving new documentary from the Stephen Lewis Foundation shines a light on the urgent need to provide better protection for the human rights of African grandmothers.

This film centers on the 2013 People’s Tribunal in Vancouver, BC which provided a public platform for grandmothers to voice their human rights’ claims. The Tribunal judges identified the rights violations and the remedies required under human rights law. At the closing of the Tribunal, the grandmothers issued their call to action, declaring: “Our labour, with all of its struggles, challenges, knowledge and triumphs, has gone unheeded for too long. We will not let the AIDS pandemic defeat us, but we cannot prevail alone. We call on you to act with urgency to support our efforts to secure justice.”

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Each series of Ask Her Talks gives the podium to five knowledgeable, dynamic and informed African women who speak about what happens when crises strike, and the role that philanthropy can play in a transformative response. These women are engaged in courageous and sophisticated work that is making a tangible improvement in the human condition on the African continent. Their models of change are hard won, tested by urgent realities, and developed despite the many failures of governments and international leadership. Enlightening, stimulating and provocative — It’s time to hear directly from the experts.

Grandmothers: Africa’s Unsung Heroes

A new book from three of our partner organizers offers Canadians a chance to hear directly from African grandmothers. Copies of the book are available for purchase through the Stephen Lewis Foundation for $15.00 (shipping included). All proceeds go to community-based efforts to support grandmothers affected by the HIV&AIDS pandemic.

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